SKAMBANKT - Horisonten Brenner (CD Digisleeve)


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Skambankt is an uncompromising hard rock band from Jæren in Rogaland, Norway, with over 20 years of experience, countless tour dates and 5 records behind them. Ever since their second album, ‘Eliksir’, they've often been seen on the top 10 of Norway's national hit lists, and got their first #1 track on their last album ‘Sirene’ in 2014. Skambankt also earned the Spotify award for 'innovator of the year' in 2013 during the Norwegian Grammy awards Spellemann.

Skambankt started up by coincidence in 1994 when there was a cancellation at a festival they were at. After a couple of hours, the band had written nine songs that were performed the same night as replacement. 10 years went by before the first debut was released, Skambankt's self-titled album from 2004, a record that quickly got noticed and left their fast-growing fan base wanting more. Today, Skambankt is considered Norway's pioneers in the genre, with a discography of 5 albums and 1 EP, they've managed to captivate their audience. It’s been over 3 years since the fans last hear new music from Skambankt, who are finally ready with their next studio album – out early 2018! We’re looking forward!

Front man Terje Winterstø Røthing comments: "2018 is approaching quickly. The album release is approaching quickly. Tour dates, on the other hand, are finally here! We're extremely excited to get out on the road and play live again. After 3 years with building a studio, song writing and recording, there are no words good enough to describe how much we're looking forward to getting started with what we like the best, the concerts."


  1. I Dette Huset
  2. Når Imperiet Faller
  3. Protest Dommer
  4. Fremmed I En Fremmed Verden
  5. Horisonen Brenner
  6. Kommer Snart Hjem
  7. Levende Legende
  8. Stein For Stein
  9. Gribben

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