PALEHØRSE - Palehørse (CD Digipack)

PALEHØRSE - Palehørse (CD Digipack)


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CD  Digipack.


1. Dead Wrong
2. Pale Horse
3. The Passenger
4. Darken Waters
5. Catalyst
6. Catharsis
7. Odious
8. Less Than a Ghost
9. Omnivore
10. Quicksand


Palehørse (formerly known as Amendfoil) is one of the most exciting acts of Nordic metal scene. Followed by the vision of multitalented frontman Lassi Mäki-Kala, the band is combining extreme technical skills, right-in-your-face attitude, desert-crossing roughness and multiple vocal harmonies in a way that is very hard to categorize but easy to give recognition.

Numerous reviews with perfect scores for both of their self-released albums, hundreds of gigs and festival appearances are just some of the milestones along the rise of Palehørse.

In spite of more than a decade-long comradery, the band is now excited about its reincarnation as a trio under a new name and on a new label.

The self titled debut album Palehørse is scheduled to be released on Indie Recordings in April 2019.

All songs written by Lassi Mäki-Kala.

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